Tips for Treating Your Arthritis Without Medication – Daily Bayonet

Tips for Treating Your Arthritis Without Medication – Daily Bayonet

Life takes turns that we may not be all too happy about. We may develop health conditions that can disable us and prevent us from enjoying life as we knew it. These conditions may be physical or mental and can require medical treatments to cope with the pain and ailments. If you’re invested in your health, you may not want to remediate your struggles with medications; instead, you may want to try natural remedies prior to jumping into medications. Natural remedies are quite common and could be the best thing for you right now.

Here are a few natural remedies to treat your arthritis without medication.

Use gaming mouse pads with your computer.

If you work a desk job or enjoy gaming on your PC, you can treat your pain by preventing it with the right equipment. You can use ergonomics to your advantage to prevent pain and manage it in your wrists by using a gaming mouse pad. The best gaming pads will be made of cloth or hard material like glass. Cloth pads will add friction to your game or mouse stroke while hard ones are good for smooth glides. This will help you have the right amount of friction on your mouse and a smooth movement for your wrists. Good pads can help relieve arthritis pain in your wrists, forearms, and shoulders.

Be aware of dangerous drugs.

If you’re considering moving to natural remedies from medications, it’s always a good idea to look into drugs that can irreversibly harm you. One of these drugs is Xeljanz, which has made headlines due to the number of patients who have developed cancer, blood clots, and wrongful death after taking the medication. If you’ve been prescribed this drug to treat your arthritis, you can contact a Xeljanz lawyer or law firm to find out if you qualify for a Xeljanz lawsuit.

Use hot and cold therapies.

Moreover, you can use hot and cold therapies to help relieve the pain that comes with arthritis. These treatments can include warm showers and baths, heating pads, and heating blankets. Heat is a natural remedy to soothe the pain in your joints and muscles. Additionally, you can use cold treatments like gel ice packs, ice wrapped in a towel, or even a bag of frozen vegetables to relieve pain in your joints. Cold can help lower swelling and inflammation so you can continue living your day-to-day life.

Manage your weight and diet.

Another thing you can do to help treat your arthritis is to manage your weight and diet. Lowering your weight will reduce the stress and inflammation in your joints and muscles, thus reducing your pain and discomfort throughout the day. You can start out by drinking enough water each day and changing dietary habits to include more …….


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