This Pharmacist Connects Healthcare, Science – Digital Journal

This Pharmacist Connects Healthcare, Science – Digital Journal

Dr. Stephanie El-Chakieh Releases Groundbreaking New Book, See True.

The Doctor of Pharmacy intertwines spirituality, science, and healthcare to help readers better understand both the world they live in and themselves. Dr. Stephanie El-Chakieh recently announced the release of a new book, See True, which is focused on helping people lead more “vibrating lives” through a deeper understanding of science, spirituality, and healthcare. Dr. El-Chakieh, who holds a master’s degree in Advanced Pharmacotherapy and a Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Montreal, designed the book to “connect the dots” between these three disciplines in a way that people of all backgrounds and faiths can understand.

The book is poised to be of great interest to readers with even a passing interest in medicine or spirituality, especially given recent events like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. According to Dr. El-Chakieh, the goal is to help readers “see true and through” various concepts related to health, evolution, and human behavior by encouraging an increased understanding of subjects like chemistry, physics, psychology, systems, and even government.

Indeed, the title of See True has become something of a mantra for the pharmacist-turned-spiritual scientist / entrepreneur. With a natural curiosity for innovative learning and a unique perspective on the systems that affect humans inside and out, Dr. El-Chakieh is positioning herself at the forefront of a “new science” – one that will offer new perspectives on human health and societal evolution.

The book will be available on Amazon. More information via this link:

About Dr. Stephanie El-Chakieh

Dr. Stephanie El-Chakieh, Pharm.D., M.Sc. is a Spiritual Scientist, Author, and Entrepreneur. See True is her third book, following in the wake of The Thin Lines, a book focused on building self-worth, and 100 Days of Guided Gratitude, a mindfulness journal.

As a pharmacist, Stephanie worked in 17 different hospitals, often in remote areas. This isolation gave her time to work on her personal development and philosophy. It wasn’t long after this that Stephanie felt herself being called to entrepreneurship. As an avid traveler, her first business was a travel health tech startup called HealthyVoyage. Unfortunately, COVID-19 ended up gutting the travel industry, and Stephanie eventually shuttered her new venture. This didn’t dampen her spirits, however, as it was not long before she began writing, blogging, and traveling around speaking about self-confidence, business, and other topics.

Though she has a lot of passions, her most significant contribution to the healthcare conversation has been as a voice for change throughout the industry. She has made it her mission to educate others, teaching them to question various healthcare guidelines and medical treatments while simultaneously seeking out natural and integrative medicine options. She has since become certified in both functional and herbal medicines and performs a wide range of independent research with the goal of improving both disciplines. Most recently, she founded her own science-backed supplement and vitamin company, Joulance.

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